C/F Aircon Mask™
C/F Aircon Mask™
C/F Aircon Mask™
C/F Aircon Mask™

C/F Aircon Mask™

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【Product Highlights】

C/F Aircon Mask™ uses Japan's cationic ion technology, which can effectively inactivate the negative bacteria virus envelope structure in the air. During the flu season, protect vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and pregnant women.

  • Instant deodorization
  • Safety and harmless
  • Powerful sterilization
  • Suitable for any season, if you use the air conditioner in winter, you only need to use the air supply status (FAN), No need to turn on the cooling function (COOL)
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Made in Hong Kong

【How to use】

  1. Only need to cut out a suitable size according to the size of the dust filter and cover it on the original dust filter (for details, please refer to the video)

  2. Recommended to replace every 3-4weeks but varies by environment

    【Size Guide】

    • 33cm x 500 cm


      In the rising demand of antiviral protection, C-Force Biotech developed BioNTex™ technology which construct a positive polymer structure, together with Japanese positive ion additive and high pressure treatment, our fabric is capable of intercepting the negatively charged bacteria and viruses. And through strong positive attraction, bacteria and viruses envelope are torn and achieve the killing effect.

      The fabric is certified by SGS and can kill more than 90% of the coronavirus within 5 minutes. The formula is harmless to human body and skin, and can effectively kill coronavirus, H3N2 influenza A virus, large intestine Bacillus, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.

      BioNTex destroys the virus structure through physical principles, therefore even with virus mutation can still exert the same effect. Tested by the CMA institution, BioNTexTM still achieves 99.99% sterilization effect after 60 washes.




      Laboratory Test of Open University of Hong Kong


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