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 A century-old epidemic has changed the lives of all human beings, and the public has irreversibly changed the environment and personal hygiene protection. Under this revolutionary change, C-Force Biotech reflects our 4S core values ​​with innovative thinking, technology and actions, including SafetyStability , SustainabilitySocial Responsibilty, to prepare for Hong Kong and the world to fight the virus in the long run.




‧ Production materials (including mask materials) have been tested for no heavy metals

‧ BioNTex™ formula has passed a number of safety accreditation tests and certifications by Japan's JTETC (Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council) and is harmless to human body and skin

‧ Long-term use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer may cause skin sensitivity and even eczema. C-Force Biotech uses benzalkonium chloride (BKC), the only hand sanitizer approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) other than alcohol, which is non-allergenic and non-irritating.

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‧ The filtration efficiency of traditional masks will decrease with time, temperature and humidity, and there is a risk of secondary infection. C-Force Biotech anti-virus masks have a shelf life of up to five years, and they do not need to be replaced and odorless after wearing them all day.

‧ BioNTex™ destroys the virus structure through physical principles, even if the virus is mutated in the future, it can still exert the same effect.

‧ BioNTex™ apparel still achieves 99.99% antibacterial effect after 60 washes.




‧ Our Sustainability 360 program provides a one-stop sustainable solution for corporate uniforms from production materials, maintenance and recycling.

‧ Actively use recycled and recycled materials to reduce waste of resources.



Social Responsibility

‧ Fighting the virus is the responsibility of all mankind. For those in need in the society, we are happy to cooperate with charitable organizations to give back to the society.

‧ In January 2022, we will provide a total of 3,000 children's masks and 1,000 bottles of alcohol to over 300 needy families in Tuen Mun through the "Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Association's Favorable Meal" in January 2022 Disinfectant to relieve people's hardships.

‧ In June 2021, through the "SOCO Hong Kong Association of Community Organizations" to distribute more than 40,000 children in Sham Shui Po with a total of 60,000 anti-virus masks, 1,000 pieces of disinfectant and rice cakes to 400 low-income families and Those in need, such as street sleepers, support the disadvantaged.

‧ In March 2020, we held the "Prosperity Anti-epidemic Day" with the "Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation", and distributed more than 1,000 hand sanitizers, 3,000 masks and consumption coupons to 1,000+ seniors in need.

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