Planet Friendly

We're not 100% sustainable,
but we are 100% trying to be. 

There's no planet B, planet friendly
Our mission is to enhance sustainability for the fashion industry through innovation, transformation, collaboration, and humanization.

Read about the eco-friendly materials we're using

We offer a variety of eco-friendly fabrics and take sustainability further with different fibers, such as recycled polyester, bamboo, linen, lyocell, and so on. It is a sustainable choice that reuses old materials and reduces landfill waste. 
Linen 麻質 SDG ESG
Lyocell 木 樹 SDG ESG

Leading the charge for a more sustainable future

While most recycling processes require high volumes of water and chemicals to make useable yarns. Create a waterless solution for recycling textile waste, lowering harmful effects to the environment. This mechanical recycling system does not consume water or produce chemical waste.
Upcycling 升級再造
Upcycling 升級再造 SDG ESG

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