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C-Force Biotech 星級客戶 - 煤氣公司TOWNGAS

In order to usher in the new scene of the 160th anniversary, TOWNGAS cooperates with C-Force Biotech and adopts the latest biotechnology BioNTex™️ antiviral uniforms. BioNTex™️ has been certified by the authoritative organization SGS to effectively inactivate bacteria including coronaviruses. Epidemics frequently recur, and early preparations reduce the risk of transmission, enabling frontline employees and customers to receive medical-level protection and providing a more secure working and shopping environment. ⁣

C-Force Biotech 星級客戶 - 煤氣公司TOWNGAS
In addition, sustainable development is an urgent global concern. TOWNGAS has also practiced it by using recycled polyester fiber and other raw materials in uniforms, effectively reducing and reusing plastic waste. The back of the uniform is made of breathable material, which makes the frontline personnel more comfortable and effectively reduces body temperature. In addition, all old uniforms can also be recycled and returned to yarn for recycling, reducing waste of resources and striving to reduce carbon footprint. ⁣

C-Force Biotech is honored to work with TOWNGAS to actively develop sustainable material uniforms and contribute to the realization of Hong Kong's carbon neutral goal!

Source: HKET 20221207