C-FORCE BIOTECH Tuen Mun District Charity Donates Anti-epidemic Materials

2022-01-12 C-Force BioTech 屯門區慈善捐贈防疫物資-02

The Omicron epidemic continues to heat up. According to the information of the confirmed cases, many of the patients lived in or had visited Tuen Mun, causing residents in the area to worry about going in and out. The government's current vaccine policy has not benefited children under the age of 12 for the time being. In view of this, today we provided a total of 3,000 children's masks that can effectively kill the Coronavirus and 1,000 alcohol-free hand sanitizers to more than 300 needy families in Tuen Mun District through the "Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Association Grace Meal". At critical times, we must help each other and fight the epidemic together!
2022-01-12 C-Force BioTech 屯門區慈善捐贈防疫物資-03
2022-01-12 C-Force BioTech 屯門區慈善捐贈防疫物資-02

In the future, if there is any need for institutional cooperation, please contact us! 
2022-01-12 C-Force BioTech 屯門區慈善捐贈防疫物資-05
2022-01-12 C-Force BioTech 屯門區慈善捐贈防疫物資-06

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