The "SafeStayss" Solution Customized For The Hotel Industry

C-Force BioTech為酒店業界定造的「SafeStayss」方案

With the popularization of Staycation, the hotel industry began to recover slowly, but at the same time, the requirements of hotel guests for hygiene and epidemic prevention measures are increasing day by day. C-Force BioTech's "SafeStayss" program uses two "S" - Security and Sustainability to achieve comprehensive epidemic prevention and protection measures in the hotel industry. First of all, the patented antivirus technology provides higher security. In addition, the Sustainability 360 plan can also provide sustainable environmental protection packages from design, materials, maintenance and recycling.
Comprehensive epidemic prevention and sustainable development are the general trend of the hotel industry! C-Force BioTech's "SafeStayss" solution is meeting the needs of the industry! In order to meet the rebound of the tourism industry🛩 in the future, contact us today for more details!
  • The antivirus technology has been certified by many authorities, including the Czech Academy of Sciences, the University of Finland, Intertek, Nelson Lab, etc.⁣⁣
  • For technical certification, please click the link:⁣⁣
  • 100% Hong Kong scientific research and patent⁣⁣