Anti-epidemic Protection Is Upgraded, The New BIOTECH APPAREL Is Launched

C-Force防疫保護升呢,推出全新BIOTECH APPAREL

It is indeed encouraging that Hong Kong has been able to maintain the number of zero confirmed cases, but the meaning of epidemic prevention must not be relaxed! C-Force has been focusing on the protection of frontline workers against the epidemic. Now more than 200 restaurants and service industries have been equipped with C-Force anti-virus masks and sanitizers. But we are definitely not satisfied with this and have upgraded and launched BIOTECH APPAREL uniforms to push the effectiveness of epidemic prevention to the extreme‼ ️⁣

BIOTECH APPAREL uses C-Force antivirus technology to integrate into clothing materials, which can effectively kill >99% of bacteria and viruses including the coronavirus. Even after washing 60 times in a washing machine, it can still kill 99.28%* of bacteria and viruses.

We hope that this brand-new technology and product can be widely recognized, and provide frontline employees with the most comprehensive protection against virus invasion and spread, so they can work with peace of mind!

*Tested by the Open University of Hong Kong⁣

Antivirus technology has been certified by many authorities, including Czech Academy of Sciences, University of Finland, Intertek, ISO, Nelson Lab, etc.⁣
Technical certification can click the link:⁣
100% Hong Kong scientific research and patent⁣

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