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We uphold Hong Kong manufacturing and Hong Kong spirit, and fully promote the application of professional scientific research results to different epidemic prevention products. In addition to supporting the development of scientific research, it also brings the safest and most reliable anti-epidemic products to Hong Kong citizens and the world.

As highly infectious virus is not trending to be eliminated in any time, a stable and sustainable solution is needed especially for medical industry. Introducing BioNTex™, a revolutionary antiviral technology, can efficiently reduce virus and bacteria on fabric's surface and provide extra protection for frontline medical staff.

BioNTex™ destroys the virus structure through physical principles, even if the virus is mutated, it can still exert the same effect. Tested by CMA Institute, BioNTex™ still achieves 99.99% bactericidal effect after 60 washes.

CF is committed to scientific research, providing Hong Kong people with comprehensive health protection and fighting against virus invasion.

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