Newly Launched BioNTex™️ Antiviral Windbreaker

Although the epidemic has cooled down, there are still more than one million confirmed cases... Bacteria and viruses are flying in the air, and it is easy to get on the shirt, and it can even exceed 48 hours! C-Force Biotech BioNTex™️ *Antiviral Windbreaker got a super positive coating layer on top, it can destroy the envelope of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the clothes and achieve the killing effect^! There are also BioNTex™️ gloves hidden in the sleeves, so don't be afraid of children around! A windbreaker brings you and your family peace of mind!

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*BioNTex™️ destroys the virus structure through physical principles, even if the virus variant can still exert the same effect. Tested by CMA Institute, BioNTex™️ still achieves 99.99% effect after 60 washes.
^The fabric has passed SGS certification and can kill more than 90% of viruses within 5 minutes. The formula has passed a number of safety approval tests and certifications from Japan JTETC (Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council), which is harmless to human body and skin.