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Protecting our next generation is tantamount to protecting our future. And children living in difficult circumstances need our care even more. Especially after the Coronavirus has ravaged Hong Kong for more than two years, our future really need protection. Therefore, the LOG Charitable Foundation, together with several charitable organizations and C-FORCE, a professional epidemic prevention company, initiated the activity of distributing epidemic prevention materials to children in need.
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The LOG Charitable Foundation has always paid attention to the development of children. In the past, it also donated many libraries to schools in mountainous areas in the Mainland. This year, it also provided Hong Kong children with new anti-epidemic supplies. Eric, the vice president of the LOG Charitable Foundation, said: "I hope to be the closest stranger to everyone."

LOG Charitable Foundation , Hong Kong Society of Community Organizations (SoCo), Super Dragon Charitable Foundation Ltd. (DRACO) and C-FORCE professional anti-epidemic company jointly launched anti-epidemic activities to provide anti-epidemic supplies for families with children and living in poverty. The main area is Sham Shui Po, helping the needy to overcome the virus.

The activity started on June 10th, which coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival. Each selected family will be distributed a box of 120 masks for middle-aged children and 4 packs of 28 masks for adults, 2 new hand sanitizers and seasonal Zong. The number of beneficiaries reached 400 families and 1,200 people.

In addition, the volunteer team also went to the Tongzhou Street Park area on that night to distribute a total of about 300 Dragon Boat Festival rice dumplings (including rice dumplings, masks, disinfectant, paper-wrapped drinks and fruits) to the homeless.

Society for Community Organization has been rooted in Hong Kong for many years, helping the disadvantaged in various communities, including the unemployed, single-parent families and subdivided housing households. SoCo understands the family situation of each family, so it cooperates with DRACO to select the beneficiary families of this activity.


C-FORCE's new mask kills the Coronavirus
The masks and disinfectants distributed in this charity event are the latest products developed by C-FORCE. The new hand sanitizer is specially designed for children. The key point is that it does not contain alcohol, which greatly reduces the chance of children being allergic after use.

As a new generation of masks, C-FORCE Biotech masks have a new function of antibacterial ability compared with traditional masks - sterilization. The new technology is to fuse the positive electrode polymer on the mask fiber, and all bacteria and viruses have a negative electrode. Through the positive and negative electrodes, the protein structure on the surface of the new coronavirus will be torn during the attraction process, thereby killing 99.8% of the new coronavirus. It is also applicable to other bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and viruses that cause hand, foot and mouth disease. The most powerful thing is that this mask can deal with the mutant coronavirus. The stronger the virus are, the stronger the negative electrode, which means the greater the positive and negative attraction, and it can tear the bacteria and virus better.

In addition to its strong lethality, the virus killer is also more durable than traditional masks. C-FORCE Biotech masks will only lose their protective power when the temperature is higher than 300 degrees and strong acids, so they will not be affected by external humidity to breed bacteria. The structure of the mask will be damaged due to the ambient temperature.