Brand-new BioNTex™️ Antivirus Technology

In August 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) Coronavirus Disease expert Maria Van Kerkhove (Maria Van Kerkhove) mentioned: "Many people are talking about co-existing with the Coronavirus Disease , but it must be co-existing in a responsible way... Unfortunately, the virus It’s not going away.”* And a joint study by the National Institutes of Health and Princeton University found that the virus can survive on the fibers of clothing for up to 24 hours. ^ Therefore, a technology that can provide stable and sustainable anti-bacteria on fibers is a necessary function in the post-epidemic era!

Brand-new BioNTex™️ Antivirus Technology
The BioNTex™ technology jointly developed by C-Force Biotech and the Japanese scientific research team uses the positive polymer structure and the high-pressure treatment of the fiber. The fabric made can intercept and tear the bacterial virus with the negative electrode through the strong positive gravity and tear its envelope to achieve to the killing effect. BioNTex™ destroys the virus structure through physical principles, so even virus variants can still exert the same effect.
In medical, property management, school, catering uniforms, or even our everyday clothing, BioNTex™ provides extra protection. To learn more, please visit our official website:                                                                                   

BioNTex™ Product Features
· Anti-mildew and anti-odor
· Can effectively inactivate coronavirus (confirmed by SGS test)
· Can effectively inactivate Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae (confirmed by Intertek test)

99% antibacterial efficacy after 60 washes (confirmed by Intertek tests)
· A number of safety approval tests and certifications by JTETC (Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council) are harmless to human body and skin
*Source - - WHO says to co-exist with the virus responsibly

^Source - Girls/748095/Bathroom towels are dirtier than toilets-clothes may become a hotbed for new crown virus-experts teach 4 steps to disinfect clothes